Shop Small with the PNB Family

Doing more online shopping lately? Many members of our PNB family have small businesses and projects outside of PNB ranging from dance wear to skin care to ice cream. We put them all in one place for you!

What Seattle small businesses are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Label Dancewear

Principal Dancer Elizabeth Murphy began sewing as a creative outlet outside of ballet while dancing for Ballet West. Soon after, she started sewing leotards and opened the Label Dancewear Etsy shop in 2015.

Read more about how Murphy and Label Dancewear got their starts in this Pointe Magazine article (by Seattle’s Marcie Sillman!). Shop for leotards in Label Dancewear’s Etsy shop and follow along on Instagram!


Principal Dancer Lindsi Dec and retired Principal Dancer Karel Cruz (One of PNB’s many power couples) are the founders and brains behind Solu. Solu started simply with a line of leotards but has expanded to warm ups (including a convertible sweatsuit romper), t shirts, and unisex leggings.

Read about a day in Lindsi and Karel’s busy lives here (before they had baby number two!).

Jordan Samuel Skincare

When former Principal Dancer Jordan Samuel Pacitti retired from ballet, he wanted to pursue a new career in something he was equally passionate about. For him, that was becoming an aesthetician and developing a skincare line to combat how hard a busy dancer’s routine is on their skin. Pacitti co-founded Jordan Samuel Skin in 2013 and since then the company has taken off and has even been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and Cult Beauty.

View this post on Instagram

Are you a stress-picker? Lately my hands have been absentmindedly finding their way to any little bump or blemish on my skin and just going to town. You know the meme about having a tiny, imperceptible zit and "fixing" it with a brutal extraction until it looks about a million times worse? Yeah, I've been doing something like that. Today's #FacialFriday is a calming palliative for stress-induced skin picking. Follow along for a soothing home routine: 1️⃣Light your favorite candle. Fix yourself a drink. Set the mood for for a relaxing and restorative evening. 2️⃣Cleanse your skin. Any gentle cleanser will do, but today I'm reaching for Matinee Gel Cleanser. You want clean, dry skin to prepare for the next step. 3️⃣Mix a soothing mask. Combine a nickel-sized amount of After Show Treatment Cleanser for Sensitive Skin with a full dropper of Hydrate Facial Serum and 3-5 drops of Soothing Facial Oil. The blend of aloe, cucumber, chamomile, and soy bioflavonoids helps to calm and soften red, rough skin that's endured a bit of vigorous picking. 4️⃣Apply your mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. This gives the humectants and plant oils a chance to really melt into your skin. While the mask does its work, engage in whatever relaxing activity you like! Pet a cat, read a book, journal, practice meditation or breathing techniques. Whatever strikes your fancy! 5️⃣When your 15-20 minutes is up, you can use the slip from the mask to give yourself a little facial massage. However, if your skin still feels a little too overstimulated from any earlier picking, squeezing, or gouging (no judgment, we've all been there) then you'll want to skip the massage and allow your skin to rest. 6️⃣Gently remove the mask with a damp washcloth. 7️⃣Finish off with your preferred moisturizer. I'm mixing 5 drops of Hydrate Facial Serum with 3 drops of Soothing Facial Oil for a thin, milky moisturizer that sinks in quickly and locks hydration in place. 8️⃣Be kind to yourself, and enjoy the glow! #jordansamuelskin #skincare #beauty #skincaretips #skincareroutine #skincareproducts #skincareessentials #facemask #facialtreatment #facialserum #facialoil #skintherapist #facialist #esthetician

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Frankie & Jo’s

Aside from her career as a dancer with PNB, you might know Kari Brunson as the owner of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood’s vegan eatery Juicebox Cafe which specializes in cold pressed juices. In continuing with the plant theme, Brunson is now the co-owner of plant-based ice cream shop, Frankie and Jo’s. As soon as the sun comes out in Seattle, both Frankie & Jo’s locations have lines out the door that wind down the block!

Read more about Brunson and her business partner, Autumn Martin in Seattle Business Magazine, and Forbes.

Craving some plant based ice cream now? Great news: Frankie & Jo’s deliver nationwide. Order a pint (or two or three) HERE.

AJay’s Crochet

PNB Corps de Ballet dancer Abby Jayne Deangelo is an expert-level crochet-er and shares her creations through her Instagram! She’s not currently taking orders or commissions, but follow along to see what she creates.


Missing time spent in the McCaw Hall lobby and casually browsing through the Amusements gift shop? Browse digitally through the Amusements online shop and all proceeds from sales go directly to PNB!

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