PNB Custom Radio: Old Blue Eyes Redux

We can’t help ourselves, there’s just nothing better than a little Frank Sinatra to finish out a rainy Friday in Seattle…

We’re looking forward to seeing Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs, her classic homage to Ol’ Blue Eyes and ballroom dance, onstage again soon. While we’re all waiting for the season to open, let’s just relax and enjoy this mix of songs by Frank himself, plus a few covers and remixes to keep it fresh.

Click the image to listen. 


Choreographed in 1982, Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs has become a popular classic,presenting its view of 1950’s social dancingthrough the nostalgic but sharpened eyes of the1980s. Oscar de la Renta’s dresses and tuxedosflash with a similar double edge of past and present eras. Choreographing to classic Sinatra—including “One for My Baby,” “Strangers inthe Night,” and “My Way”—Tharp upscales traditional ballroom dancing with the active participation of the female dancer in styles ranging from tango to flamenco to exhibition disco. Program notes compiled by Doug Fullington. 

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